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Global Logistics Strategies will provide comprehensive security services utilizing proven techniques that are based on decades of real-word experience in high-stakes environments. Team GLS professionals examine security threats in a multi-dimensional and multi-modal security spectrum. We use proven techniques to ensure the proper level of security is attained based on customer requirements and the nature of the actual, potential, or perceived threat. Team GLS’s security services include corporate security, dynamic and static security, and risk mitigation.


Corporate Security: Team GLS provides both cyber and facility security services for corporations. Our functional design concepts include visible and concealed security applications that blend into any décor or operating environment. Typically, the security analysis of a facility includes: ingress and egress routes; building specifications; perimeter design; guard and patrol requirements; facility policies and procedures; access control points; integrated surveillance measures;  and technology integration, including integration of radio-frequency identification (RFID), biometric, and other technologies into the overall security strategy.


Dynamic and Static Security: Our team provides personal security detail (PSD) services to high-value targets at the office, or while traveling.


Risk Mitigation: Team GLS works closely with our clients to develop Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and Continuity of Operations (CCOPs) to ensure minimal disruption in the event of unplanned natural or man-made events. These tailored plans enable our clients to preempt and mitigate risks to business operations.


Security Consulting:

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments

  • Policy and procedure review and development

  • Security audits

  • Security master planning

  • Securing intellectual property

  • Political and security risk analysis

  • Security program evaluations



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